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bridgewerks Audio Services
Discover How Great Audio Can Set You Apart!

Available VST* Plug-ins
A Serious Instrument for a special project studio - I wouldn't want to have a studio w/out it!

The Grand Piano

Virtual Drummers Templates / Percussions 

Groove Agent 2
Groove Agent 3

Synths / Samples / Sampler / Sounds:

Halion 3  Authentic strings / Fender Rhodes / B3 organs  and more...
Hypersonic  Pads / Synths / and more...

Embracer  Polyphonic atmospheric synths and more...
Monologue  Monophonic synths and more...
HalionOne, Prologue, Spector, Mystic  Again amazing sounds...


Also, a host of high quality VST effects for audio and electronic effects: 

*Virtual Studio Technology

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