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Rufus is the pastor of The Bridge Church located in Pontiac Michigan - a Modern First-Century Church with an emphasis on teaching, fellowship, and prayer.  The congregation is very small and meetings have the feel of a bible study where members ask questions while looking at the  Word.   The goal is that all members are able to learn and grow together in the knowledge of Christ.  The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.  You can even enjoy coffee and light refreshments.  After spending time in the word, attendees enjoy a time of praise with Rufus, guitarist - Torence and Shawna Reynolds on the flute.  Sometimes the church has potlucks and every Second Sunday members go out to eat after service.  Check out The Bridge on Sundays from 10:30am-12pm in the Martini Lounge of the Lafayette Grande located at One Lafayette in Pontiac.  

Please note: Due to COVID-19 services are temporarily

being held online via zoom.  Email us to join!

Visit our website:  THE BRIDGE CHURCH


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Listen to Messages:

Forgiveness is Conditional Pt.1 - Rufus Harris
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