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Basics is a collection of songs from two of Rufus' CDs: rufus harris (self-titled) and How Do You Read It?   Originally, these songs featured the electric guitar as the principle instrument. These versions, however, are more acoustically-driven.  He has also included four new songs: a cover of the beautiful song Tapestry by Glenn Kaiser (Rez Band); Blessed Abundantly (the 1st song he wrote as a believer); Rescue – inspired by Fanny Crosby (1864); and a brand new Happy Birthday to You song.   Most of the songs he chose for basics have spiritual concepts that he considers to be the basics of Christian faith and deal with topics such as giving praise to God, the importance of diversity, Christian lifestyle, and sharing hope.  He calls this CD "prison-inspired" and created this project because there were many places he was invited to perform his music but for security reasons could not take in his electric guitar – namely prison. So he performed the songs on acoustic guitar and wanted a project that represented this sound. We hope you enjoy it!  


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