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Pacific kit (by DW); with 14” - high hats; 20” - ride and 16” - crash cymbals additionally I have pretty good hardware (kick and high hat pedals).

My old drummer Jeannine who played a very nice DW kit - helped me pick out this set, because she would play them (as is except sometimes she'd bring her own splash and stand) when we rehearsed.  

I would recommend you bring your own drums or at least bring your own foot and possibly high hat pedals; if you need or want a splash or other specialty cymbals you would need to bring them (along with stands) with you also.  I do not want “my drums” to be a problem at the session.  I want you to be totally comfortable so we can just get ‘r done.

Any other questions or if you want to schedule a “look see and play" let me know.

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