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Saved by an Angel   Meet the Good Samaritan(s)!
Posted on Facebook by Denise Strong-Harris 09/30/18
Today, we decided would be the day we would formally reach out to Matt, the man who rescued Rufus along with his daughters (CJ and Charley) last Tuesday after he fell off his bike. We picked up a card and a gift that we thought would be perfect to present to them as a thank you. I called Matt and explained who I was and asked if Rufus and I could come by their place to give them a small gift. Matt seemed thrilled to have received my call and told me his daughters were so excited. They all had been worried about Rufus and wondered how the stranger they took home had made out. He invited us over. And what we thought would be a 10-minute visit turned into over an hour. (Although it didn’t seem like it). They were simply delightful! We brought Matt up to speed on what had happened before and after he brought Rufus home – the fall, the visit to the doctors, the x-rays, etc. Matt shared what he was thinking when he saw Rufus on the ground. He remembered making eye-contact with Rufus while driving past the sub-division where Rufus had fallen. He thought to himself, that looks bad and it looked as if nobody was helping Rufus. He knew he needed to help. So basically Matt and is daughters did not even live in the subdivision where they rescued Rufus. They were driving by and saw him on the ground. As we talked more, Matt discovered Rufus was a man of faith and a pastor. Like many, he had had some not-so-good experiences with the Church and longed to reconnect to his faith. And low and behold, he meets Rufus. Wow! At the end of the conversation, Rufus and Matt hugged and there were a few tears of joy. Both Rufus and Matt agreed that their “accidental” meeting was divine appointment. We truly believe God reached out to Matt through Rufus’ accident. We are so grateful to our good Samaritan(s) and now our new friends - Matt, CJ and Charley. “I think I needed this more than you,” said Matt. “God knew.” He went on to say, “thanks for wiping out man!” Rufus believes all the pain was worth it if that was the purpose of it. Special thanks to Matt’s girlfriend – Tami who took some of the pictures. It was wonderful meeting her as well. Turns out she and I too have much in common 😊.
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